Road Tramps MC Ireland

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Established 1987

Limerick - Cork - Tipperary

Telephone: int + 353 61 386451 or e-mail Road Tramps


Road Tramps MC Ireland was formed in 1987, who were formally known as Reapers MC Limerick.  The club has gone through some changes over the past few months, which has brought about the formation of the Alliance Ireland.  Relations and respect between ourselves and the other four MC Irish clubs, has strengthened and continues to grow.  We are proud to remain Road Tramps MC and are looking forward to the future in the Irish MC scene which is being developed by the Alliance Ireland for the Irish.

The start of the summer is marked by our annual Summer Party which is held each May weekend and the End of Year BBQ usually falls in September, both are held at our club house in Co. Limerick.

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